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Market Analysis & Project Scope

The first step in getting your fun center or amusement business started is knowing the details of your market opportunity and then defining your project scope to best fulfill that opportunity. If you are new the the attractions industry, determining the market opportunity and understanding project scope can be a bit of a challenge.

We offer a simple, straightforward no-obligation, FREE initial telephone consultation with private confidence - to help you get started.


Business Plans, Guidebooks and Manuals

For the DIY startup developer in all of us - we have an extensive collection of planning materials and guidebooks. Our FEC Business Plans are based on our 25 years amusement business experience, along with relevant and fresh market data and from IAAPA, IAAO and the FEC Network.

You can find our current list of materials at our secure online store: Amusement Hub

Feasibility & Startup

Startup Academy 

Looking for some help with the entire project? 

Startup Academy is an online 8 module startup course, including market analysis, project feasibility, planning and development. A go-at-your-own-pace, mentorship and coaching program with the materials and on-going support to get your project plan completed.

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Design & Layout

Floor Plans & Layout Design

Sometimes, just being able to visualize your project is a huge inspiration to keep you moving forward. As part of your project portfolio, it enhances your overall presentation and expresses a completed aspect of professionalism to your funding partners.

Our design service is available in 2D CAD.

Prices Start at $300 USD


Parties, Groups & Gamification

We have said it many times,... at the end of the day, this is a retail, marketing, customer service business. Creating value-based experiences for your guests is job #1. The on-going marketing of those experiences is job #2. In today's new entertainment paradigm, the gamer demographic is a substantial part of your market. Finding unique ways to attract and retain this demographic is the challenge. Gamification, in it's many forms can be part of the answer.

Suppliers Expo

Amusement Equipment Suppliers

As part of an Academy Membership, you have full access to the Suppliers Expo, including detailed reviews, interviews and attraction analysis. Required floor space, return on investment, installation, service and support and new innovative product from all corners of the industry. 

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