• Starting a Laser Tag Attraction...

    Just got a lot easier... and more profitable.


A successful laser tag attraction starts with your arena design, and a consideration for all of your market opportunities, along with a strategic focus on long term playability and repeat appeal.


Combining strategic arena design, with your laser tag equipment and arena technology (bases, targets, mines, video and EFX), builds an attraction synergy that maximizes the guest experience, and helps to diversify and expand your market opportunities


With a completed build-out and a synergy between your laser tag arena, and your laser tag equipment, you are able to offer a wide variety of standard and unique laser tag and arena games that appeal to a broad range of players and demographics.


Once open, this arena synergy provides a foundation of unique arena games that can be used outside of the busy weekend hours, to provide revenue producing games and events during the slower mid-week days and evening hours, helping to diversify and maximize your laser tag investment ROI.


If your goal is starting a premium Laser Tag Attraction that appeals to a broad and diverse group of players, driving revenue-producing traffic everyday of the week, you've come to the right place.

Design + Arena + Equipment + Shipped + Installed + Training + Game Updates

As part of the FEC Network, our 25 years amusement experience can help you start, manage and grow your laser tag business. 

Starting as a laser tag operator in 1995, we've been around the game of laser tag, interactive arena design and project build-out for 25 years. Our turnkey laser tag attraction is a one-stop design, build option for new laser tag developers. Laser tag equipment providers, theme companies and other attraction resources, including arcade games, blacklight mini-golf, VR, concession providers, online booking management and staff training, all under one turnkey package.

3,000 sqft Arena

    Up to 24 players

    From $120,000 USD

    up to 4,000 sqft

      Up to 32 players

      From $150,000 USD

      up to 5,000 sqft

        Up to 44 players

        From $190,000 USD

        up to 6,000 sqft

          50+ players

          From $220,000 USD


          Unique Missions


          Mission Objectives


          Team Building Programs


          Really Cool Game

          Get the most out of your laser tag investment.

          The best return on any indoor laser tag attraction comes from a turnkey approach to arena design, laser tag equipment, game play, theme and comprehensive staff and marshall training. When all of these items are in play, your laser tag experience from a guests perspective is the absolute best it can be.

          This enables you to provide really fun and exciting basic laser tag for weekend parties, walk-ins and groups. It also provides a foundation on which to GROW your laser tag business over time, appealing to the broadest age groups and market demographics, ensure strong repeat traffic and profitability.

          Starting with a thorough analysis of your local opportunity, including the competitive landscape and your primary and secondary markets, together we develop an attraction strategy to ensure the broadest appeal for your laser tag investment. 

          Working with your facility layout we start by creating an arena package, including design, theme, equipment, detailed build-out document with floor plan, schematics and contractor timeline.

          We then pull it all together with a 60 week marketing strategy, marshall briefing package, onsite training, final build-out and themeing.

          Laser Tag Startup

          Startup is the first step. Once you are up and running, the first 6 months or so, are about getting a handle on your new business. Beyond that, we are with you to continue the on-going marketing and development of your growing laser tag attraction. New games, arena updates and materials to keep it fresh, exciting and evolving, ensuring a long term return on your investment.

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