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Startup Academy

Fun Center Academy is part of the FEC Network - the web's largest community for amusement business professionals. 

Designed for both new amusement entrepreneurs researching how to start a family fun center attraction - and - existing owners and operators interested in growing and managing their amusement attractions business.

Startup Academy is a membership site with years of resources, startup experience and operations, assembled under one web portal. No need to travel, or continue endless hours of web searching for the fun center resources you have been seeking.

Here you can ask questions, get advice and learn from those who have successfully started and operate a profitable amusement business.

Amusement equipment suppliers and manufacturers are also welcome, and invited to participate in our community, sharing their news, product innovation and support for attraction developers and operators. 

We are actively seeking amusement suppliers to add to the Startup Academy Webcasts and directory listing. If you are an amusement equipment supplier or service provider, please stop by our Supplier Form to be included in our list.

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"Reality is what you make it..."

There is no doubt, the last 25 years have had their ups and downs, but looking back at the road travelled and the business I enjoy today - I wouldn't change a thing.

- Derek G, Owner FEC Network